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Jinding (Golden Summit)

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This main peak of Mount Emei is famous for the Buddhist Huazang Temple originally built in 1377 on the summit and is known for its "four wonders": the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the "Buddhist halo", and the "divine light".
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Parent Range

Mount Emei

Train Station(s) Service

Emei Railway Station (Emeishan Station) & 1 hour bus to Base of Mount Emei

Driving, Parking & Travel Info

Start from Baoguo Temple (Scenic Area Entrance)
2 hour sightseeing bus to Leidongping
10 min walk to Jieyin Palace
~20 min cable car to Golden Summit

Max Height

3,077 metres (10,095 ft)

Known For

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Scenic Beauty
Unique Attraction: Sunrise, Sea of Clouds, Buddhist Halo, Divine Light
Top Travel Destination in Asia

Best Time to Visit

Spring (March to May): Spring Flowers, Sea of Clouds
Autumn (September to November): Autumn Colors, Sea of Clouds
Winter Sunrise: 7:30 - 8 AM
Summer Sunrise: 6 - 6:30 AM
Sea of Clouds: 9 - 10 AM, 3 - 5:30 PM
Buddhist Halo: 9 - 10 AM, 3 - 4 PM

Day Trip from Major Cities

Day trip from Leshan or Chengdu possible

Winding and/or Bumpy Road (to & around here)

Moderate winding and bumpy roads

Altitude/Motion Sickness (to & around here)

Motion Sickness: Moderate to High Probability!

Jinding Mountain, G8CQ+4Q4, Emeishan City, Leshan, Sichuan, China, 614206



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