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Have you had frustrating experiences while travelling? The kind of avoidable problems where: “If only I knew about so and so, I could have saved an X amount of money or time?” It could be a subtle, minor inconvenience like the uncomfortable journey to a landmark (which your favourite travel site didn’t say or was buried under walls of reviews) or an unenjoyable experience like an underwhelming attraction. Worse still; the unexpectedly difficult scuba diving conditions someplace which can be life-threatening.

You’re not alone. I’m sure all of us have suffered one way or the other. Current travel review sites are decent but there’s a nagging feeling that something was missing; Numerous, small things that collectively made a huge difference. Thus came the birth of Guidemaster.

Guidemaster was an idea 4 years in the making, conceived by Derek, an avid traveller and diver, in 2014. Realizing that most travel review sites were cookie-cutter versions stuffed with tons of lengthy reviews which were tedious to sift through and sometimes vague, Derek created a website that could review anything under the sun with a comprehensive yet easy-to-read interface. Also gone are wordy reviews, replaced by an icon and scoring bubble system, while a basic info section displays any useful information at a glance.

After much thought and refinement, Derek talked to his old pal and developer Zav. With his and some other help, Guidemaster was built till the site that you see today.


The goal for Guidemaster is to improve people’s lives through enhanced information sharing. Using a simple interface (as opposed to word reviews) with a comprehensive set of details, we can meticulously review any place, no matter how large or remote. From attractions to spelunking caves, hotels to obscure dive sites, restaurants to island resorts, we strive to bring the review experience to the next level.


Guidemaster was founded by Derek in Singapore in May 2018. He is the director and driving force behind Guidemaster.

Zav is the co-founder with more than 10 years experience in programming and serves as CTO for Guidemaster. Jesslyn is in charge of all legal matters, while her sister Jermaine is in charge of web design. Rounding off the team is our second web designer, Vivi.


We would like to thank Pixabay and Pexels for their users’ free stock images. Some materials were also sourced from Wikipedia with attribution. Plus, a big thanks to anyone who has contributed in any way, no matter how small, to this website.


Our sub-brand Perfect Home was created in June 2021 to extend our knowledge and ideas to aspiring home-owners, whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world, with an easy-to-read guide with a focus on soft furnishings while balancing cost, function, and aesthetic.